Merck Sharp & Dohme

Merck Sharp & Dohme

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London, UK
Active Multiservice

This prestigious office development called for an integrated cooling/heating/lighting solution that delivered high comfort levels with low maintenance and running costs. The selection of Frenger's active multiservice chilled beam unit meant that the brief could be met with the added benefit of striking aesthetics and compliance with the latest LG3 lighting requirements.

In the open plan areas the MSCB´s are linked together in series on the airside (up to 3 beams in a single run) such that water and air connections are concealed from view, and removable infill sections afford the capacity for future space partitioning. In cellular offices a single MSCB is positioned in the middle of the room with extra luminaires to provide adequate lighting distribution. The MSCB is constructed using continuous aluminum profiles for a smooth and joint-free appearance.

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