101 New Cavendish

101 New Cavendish

Project Info:

London, UK
Active Multiservice

The extensive refurbishment of 101 New Cavendish Street has been a most impressive and distinguished project incorporating nearly 2-kilometers of Active Multi-service Chilled Beams over 4-floor levels - over 8500 square meters of prime office space.

The Multi-service Chilled Beams on this project provide the main architectural feature within the office space, therefore they are designed to enhance the building by using state of the art space conditioning technology whilst providing a striking aesthetic. To achieve a continuous linear aesthetic the Chilled beams are linked together to form runs of up to 19-meters long. To achieve runs of this length with 100% off site pre fabrication testing Frenger made each beam MSCB section (circa 5 beams long) with 'plug and play' systems for the Mechanical & Electrical services, thus saving our client time and money during the installation.

In addition to the Chilled Beam´s high performance & highly efficient cooling, the integrated luminaries were designed with full daylight dimming and presence detection ensuring that the system continually operated with minimal energy consumption.

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