1 Lancaster Circus

1 Lancaster Circus

Project Info:

Birmingham, UK
Passive Multiservice

Frenger are proud to have been chosen for the design, supply and installation of over 4,500 linear metres of passive multiservice chilled beams to the refurbishment of Birmingham City Council´s HQ building in the heart of Birmingham. The Company was able to demonstrate to the Design Team the unique benefits of the radiant/convective cooling element in delivering high cooling duties (in excess of 100 w/m2) with significantly reduced air velocities when compared to traditional passive chilled beams.

The project presents additional challenges because the building is occupied and therefore works need to be carefully co-ordinated with the Client. Frenger have to date supplied and installed the first phase of this multi million pound order value to Frenger - floor levels four and five - and work on the remaining 3 floors are scheduled for completion by mid 2010. The transformation of the original "dreary" office space into a modern and pleasant environment has been universally appreciated and is a testament to the well-designed application of Frenger's passive multiservice beam technology.

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