Bulkhead Active Chilled Beam

Beam Function Principles

Fresh air is supplied to the Chilled Beam where it mixes with reconditioned room air, which is induced through the heat exchanger battery via the return air grille (supplied by installer). The reconditioned and fresh air is then introduced to the room through the air discharge grille (part of the unit supplied by Frenger), comfortably cooling or heating the room as appropriate.

The fresh air can be supplied at a constant volume or have a turn down from 100% of design volume to 60% then 40% of design volume dependent upon room occupancy. Typical supply air pressures are within 40Pa (min) to 120Pa (max).

Bulkhead Chilled Beam Hotel

  1. Fresh Air Supply.
  2. Cooled Air Introduced into the Room by the Chilled Beam.
  3. Warm Air Induced into the Heat Exchanger Battery Via the Return Air Grille.
  4. Air Discharge Grille.
  5. Return Air Grille (supplied by installer).
  6. Bulkhead.
  7. Water Connections.